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Evaluation Methodology

The core of Fortis’ business model is our technical expertise and operating company backgrounds. Mineral buyers often send blanket offers with no real valuation efforts behind the numbers.  A thorough engineering analysis, combined with significant market research, allows Fortis to consistently offer the best value to landowners.

We pride ourselves on acting with integrity and maintaining lasting relationships with our partners in the community.  Our team will provide transparent communication throughout the evaluation, offer, and closing process.

Our Process

Gathering Data

In any acquisition, our team will work expeditiously to evaluate the key components required to understand and deliver the highest value possible.  The most helpful data typically includes historical check detail, division orders, legal descriptions, and key ownership support documents such as the mineral deed.


The Fortis technical team includes staff engineers with significant experience across the major producing plays of the United States.  This functional industry knowledge results in an efficient analysis and accurate valuation for each unique transaction. 

Submitting Offer

Following our internal review process, the Fortis team will submit an offer supported by thorough technical evaluation. This detailed analysis maximizes value and translates to high success rates in a competitive bidding process.


Accepted offers follow a standard, confirmatory due diligence process to verify the mineral interest owned.  Once this efficient diligence process is complete, a mineral deed is executed and notarized in exchange for payment at closing.

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